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  18. FSRU: Meaning Definition & Complete Guide to Floating Storage Regasification Unit
  19. How FPSO Reduces Upstream Costs in the Offshore Industry
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  25. Why is BESS Needed to Harness the Maximum Potential of Solar Energy
  26. Global CO2 Emissions by Industry: A Comprehensive Analysis
  27. CCUS Technology: A Critical Tool for CO2 Emissions Reduction
  28. Understanding Global CO2 Emission and Its Multifaceted Risks
  29. Data Center Networking: An Essential Guide
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  87. Top 7 Diesel Generator Manufacturers in India [2023]
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  92. All You Need to Know About BLT (Build Lease Transfer) Project Delivery Method
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  94. Exploring Various Wireless Charging Methods for Electric Vehicles
  95. Role of Multilateral Agencies in Project Finance
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  104. Global Top 6 Geophysical Equipment and Services Companies [2023]
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  106. Construction Dispute Resolution: A Brief Guide
  107. Construction Insurance: A Brief Guide
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  117. What Does a Structural Engineer Do?
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  262. Indian refiners are prepared to work together to reduce the cost of oil imports
  263. Emissions Reduction Targets Are Being Tightened By Industry.
  264. France’s Engie Aims To Have 80GW of Installed Capacity In Renewables By 2030
  265. Ørsted Brings Utility-Scale Solar-Plus-Storage Facility In Texas Live
  266. Is India ready for adopting electric two-wheeler vehicles
  267. The New Trend of Energy Storage as Virtual Transmission Explained
  268. Growing Adoption of Energy Storage “as-a-service” (ESaaS)
  269. Top Ten Offshore Wind Farms in the World
  270. Top Ten Photovoltaic Power Stations in the World
  271. Top Ten Wind Farms in the World
  272. India’s Economic Survey Pitches for USD 330 billion in investment in Renewables by 2030
  273. China Solar PV installed Capacity reaches 174 GW
  274. US Wind Power on the Rise
  275. Indian Solar PV Manufacturing Conundrum
  276. China’s Sudden Solar PV Policy Change
  1. RIL and L&T to Lead the Development of a $12 Billion Green Hydrogen Hub in Kandla Gujarat
  2. Hartek Group Secures 300 MW Solar PV Project in Rajasthan
  3. RWE Forms Joint Venture with WhiteRock Renewables for the Expansion of Renewable Energy Projects in USA
  4. South Korea to Invest $7 Billion in AI to Bolster Semiconductor Industry in the Country
  5. US to Grant Samsung $6.6 Billion Subsidy for Texas Semiconductor Plant Expansion
  6. Microsoft to Invest $2.9 Billion to Develop Data Centers in Japan
  7. Fortescue Forms Joint Venture with OCP Group for Green Energy Projects in Morocco
  8. Nvidia Plans to Establish $200 Million AI Data Center in Indonesia
  9. Fortescue Opens 2 GW PEM Electrolyzer Factory in Gladstone, Australia
  10. TSMC to Invest $65 Billion for the Development of Semiconductor Factories in Arizona, USA
  11. Adani Group to Invest $27 Billion for Renewable Energy Manufacturing Capacity
  12. EverWind Fuels Completes FEED for its Green Hydrogen-to-Green Ammonia Plant in Canada
  13. Elements Green Secures Preliminary Approval for 400 MW BESS Project in Germany
  14. Vedanta Aluminium to Increase Refining Capacity of its Alumina Refinery in Odisha
  15. LG Energy Solution’s $5.5 Billion Battery Manufacturing Complex in Arizona Nears Completion
  16. OX2's Aurora Offshore Windfarm Secures Key Environmental Permit
  17. RWE Secures 495 MW Offshore Wind Project in South Korea
  18. Adani Green Energy India’s First Company to Surpass 10,000 MW Renewable Energy Operational Portfolio
  19. Oil India Plans to Commence Operations in Numaligarh Refinery by 2025
  20. TotalEnergies Launches New Battery Energy Storage Project in Belgium
  21. Aramco Expands Fadhili Gas Plant: $7.7 Billion EPC Contracts Awarded to Samsung E&A, GS Engineering and Nesma & Partners
  22. US Administration Approves 2.6 GW New England Offshore Wind Project
  23. Meta to Build its First Indian Data Center in Reliance Chennai Campus
  24. Japan Approves $3.9 Billion in Subsidies for Semiconductor Manufacturer Rapidus
  25. Tata Power Commissions 200 MW Solar Power Project in Bikaner, Rajasthan
  26. NTT DATA to Develop 96 MW Data Center Facility in Berlin, Germany
  27. NIRAS and Egis Joint Venture to Develop Offshore Wind Projects in France
  28. MODEC Secures FEED for Shell’s Gato Do Mato FPSO Project in Brazil
  29. Sony Announces Semiconductor Fab Expansion in Thailand
  30. Nordcell Group Plans to Build 1.2 GW Solar Panel Factory in Sweden
  31. CNPC Bags $1 Billion EPC Contract for the Development of Sabic Fujian Petrochemical Complex in China
  32. Ørsted Submits Proposal for Starboard Offshore Wind Project: Powering the State of Connecticut
  33. SK Hynix to Invest $4 Billion to Develop Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility in USA
  34. Rimac Energy Opens BESS Manufacturing Facility in UK
  35. Adani Green Commissions 180 MW Solar Power Plant In Rajasthan
  36. TotalEnergies and Sinopec Joint Venture to Develop Sustainable Aviation Fuel Unit In China
  37. US Government Approves the Seventh-Largest Offshore Windfarm in the Country: Sunrise Wind
  38. RPC and Altea Joint Venture to Develop 1 GW Battery Energy Storage Facility in Italy
  39. NorthVolt Starts the Construction of $5.4 Billion Battery Gigafactory in Germany
  40. GAIL to Commission its First Green Hydrogen Project in April
  41. Astronergy Bags Contract to Supply Solar PV Modules for UAE’s Largest Solar Project
  42. Italy Approves 255 MW 7SeasMed Floating Offshore Wind Project
  43. Swire Renewable Energy and Tien Li Joint Venture to Deliver Offshore Wind Solutions in Taiwan
  44. ExxonMobil and JERA to Form a Joint Venture to Develop a Low Carbon Hydrogen and Ammonia Production Project
  45. ASML Supplier Neways to Develop Semiconductor Fabrication Plant in Malaysia
  46. Japan Selects JRE, Iberdrola and Tohoku Electric Power to Build 375 MW Offshore Wind Farm
  47. SK Ecoplant and BCGE Joint Venture to Develop 700 MW Renewable Energy Projects in Vietnam
  48. Vitesco Technologies Secures 83,000 MWH of Renewable Energy from Statkraft
  49. US Administration to Invest $475 Million for Decarbonization Projects
  50. Google to Develop $1 Billion Data Center in Kansas City, USA
  51. Arizona’s Largest Battery Energy Storage System is Now Online: The Project will Supply Power to Google
  52. Amazon Partners with Iberdrola to Procure 159 MW of Power from East Anglia 3 Offshore Windfarm
  53. Avaada Energy to Set Up 421 MW Solar Power Plant in Gujarat
  54. Intel to Invest $100 Billion to Develop Semiconductor Fabs Across Four States in USA
  55. Good Enough Energy to Develop India’s Largest BESS Gigafactory in J&K
  56. Nvidia to Spend $250 Billion for the Purchase of Data Center Equipment
  57. American Battery Factory Forms Joint Venture with Lead Intelligent Equipment for Next Phase of Arizona Gigafactory
  58. ENGIE Starts Commercial Operations of the Largest Battery Energy Storage System in Latin America
  59. International Coalition Consisting of 7 Multi-National Companies to Support e-NG Development
  60. Synergy Kicks off the Construction of One of The Largest BESS Project in Australia
  61. SECI Invites Bids to Set up 1.5 GW Electrolyzer Manufacturing Capacities Across India
  62. ACWA Power Partners with LONGi for Green Hydrogen Project in Uzbekistan
  63. ADNOC Signs Second LNG Supply Agreement for Ruwais LNG Project
  64. China Starts the Development of $3.9 Billion Power Transmission and Storage Project
  65. Masdar Reaches Financial Closure for the 476 MW Baltic Eagle Offshore Wind Project
  66. Emeren Group and Glennmont to Co-Develop 155 MW of Battery Energy Storage Projects in Italy
  67. South Fork Offshore Wind Farm Starts Operations
  68. Meta to Build $800 Million Data Center in Rosemount, Minnesota, USA
  69. L&T Wins $1 Billion EPC Contract For the Development of an Onshore Gas Pipeline Project in Middle-East
  70. Adani Green Energy Completes Operationalization Of 300 MW Wind Power Project In Gujarat
  71. JSW Neo Energy Receives LoA for 700 MW Solar Power Project from SECI
  72. BluPine Energy Receives $152 Million For Wind Energy Project in Gujarat
  73. RWE Starts the Construction of 330 MW Solar-Storage Project in the UK
  74. Blackstone Grants $600 Million for Aligned Data Centers Utah Data Center Development
  75. India’s Techade: PM Modi Launches Semiconductor Projects Worth $15 Billion
  76. ADNOC Grants EPC Contract for Ruwais LNG Project
  77. PM Modi Inaugurates National Highway Projects Worth $12 Billion
  78. SSE Pacifico Aims to Develop 6 GW Offshore Wind Farms in Japan
  79. Ground-breaking Ceremony Held for 630 MW Solar Power Project in Madhya Pradesh
  80. BHEL Secures $1 Billion EPC Contract to Expand Singrauli Thermal Power Project
  81. Kyon Energy Gets Approval to Develop a 100 MW Battery Energy Storage System in Germany
  82. KPIL Secures EPC Contract from Aramco for the Development of Master Gas System Network in Saudi Arabia
  83. AGL and Someva Renewables Joint Venture to develop 1.5 GW Pottinger Renewable Energy Park in Australia
  84. Amazon to Invest $5.3 Billion in Saudi Arabia to Develop Data Centers
  85. Nautical Sunrise Consortium to Start R&D of the Largest Offshore Floating Solar Power Plant in the World
  86. Major Renewable Energy Firms Secure GUVNL’s 1 GW Solar Auction
  87. BluPine Energy Acquires 369 MW of Solar Assets from ACME Group
  88. PM Modi Launches Multiple Oil and Gas Projects Worth $18 Billion
  89. L&T Commissions its First Indigenously Manufactured Hydrogen Electrolyser at Hazira Green Hydrogen Plant
  90. Masdar and RWE Reaches FID on $14 Billion Dogger Bank South Offshore Wind Project in UK
  91. Egypt Signs 7 Green Hydrogen MoUs Worth $40 Billion
  92. Indian Cabinet Approves $15 Billion Semiconductor Fab Investments
  93. Samsung Semiconductors India Research Opens a New R&D Facility in Bengaluru
  94. Coal India Signs Joint Venture Agreement with BHEL to Develop USD 1.4 Billion Ammonium Nitrate Plant
  95. NTPC Green Energy Signs Joint Venture Agreement with MAHAGENCO to Build Renewable Energy Parks in Maharashtra
  96. PM Modi Launches Multiple Infrastructure Projects Worth More Than $2 Billion in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu
  97. JSW Energy Receives 700 MW Solar Power Project from SJVN
  98. Tata Group to Build $5 Billion EV Battery Factory in Somerset UK
  99. Iberdrola Plans to Build the Largest Solar Power Plant in Italy
  100. Lhyfe Unveils its First Green Hydrogen Project in UK: 20 MW Green Hydrogen Plant
  101. Masdar Arlington Energy Breaks Ground on Two BESS Projects as a Part of $1.27 Billion Investment
  102. CtrlS Invests $482 Million to Develop Hyper-Scale Data Center Park in Chennai
  103. Masdar and DP World Joint Venture to Develop Renewable Power Projects Across DP World’s Global Port Operations
  104. VinFast Starts Construction of EV Plant in Tamil Nadu, India
  105. SECI Launches India's Largest Battery Energy Storage System in Chhattisgarh
  106. Japan to Grant $4.9 Billion to TSMC to Build the Second Semiconductor Fabrication Plant
  107. PM Modi Inaugurates Sudarshan Setu Bridge: India’s Longest Cable-Stayed Bridge
  108. PM Modi Will Launch Stage1 of NTPC’s $2 Billion Lara Thermal Power Station
  109. LG Energy Solutions Inks LFP Battery Material Deal with Chinese Supplier
  110. Arevon Secures $1.1 Billion for Eland 2 Solar Power and Energy Storage Project
  111. Amkor to Build $2 Billion Semiconductor Fabrication Facility in Peoria City, USA
  112. Semarak Renewable Energy Secures $400 Million Loan to Develop Green Hydrogen Facility in Malaysia
  113. APACT and ASIP Joint Venture to Develop $120 Million Semiconductor Fabrication Plant in Telangana
  114. Honeywell and TGS Joint Venture to Establish Vietnam’s First Green Hydrogen Plant in Mekong Delta
  115. Rio Tinto Signs Australia’s Largest Renewable Power Purchase Agreement for Bungaban Wind Energy Project
  116. DEWA and Masdar Reach Financial Closing on the Sixth Phase of the Largest Single-Site Solar Park in the World
  117. Microsoft to Invest $2.1 Billion for Data Center Infrastructure Expansion in Spain
  118. NTPC Signs Land Lease Agreement to Establish Largest Green Hydrogen Hub in India
  119. SECI Invites Bids for 1.2 GW of ISTS Connected Wind Solar Hybrid Projects
  120. Major Renewable Energy Firms Secure SJVN’s 1.5 GW Wind- Solar Tender
  121. China Starts Construction of $6.4 Billion Sabic Fujian Petrochemical Complex
  122. Eku Energy Starts the Construction of 130 MWh BESS Projects in UK
  123. PM Modi Lays Foundation for 4 Power Projects Worth $3 Billion in Uttar Pradesh
  124. GlobalFoundries Receive $1.5 Billion From US Government to Expand Semiconductor Production
  125. Qatar's Largest Petrochemical Project: $6 Billion Ras Laffan Complex Begins Construction
  126. ACWA Power Secured $2.3 Billion for 4.55 GW of Solar Power Projects
  127. Adani Group is Planning to Raise $2.6 Billion for Green Hydrogen and Infrastructure Projects
  128. Japanese Semiconductor Firm Renesas to Acquire Altium for $5.9 Billion
  129. UP Government to Develop 8 Renewable Projects Worth $8 Billion
  130. PM Modi to Launch NLC India’s 300 MW Barsingsar Solar Power Plant
  131. Assam Will Get $3 Billion Semiconductor Packaging Unit: Rajeev Chandrasekhar
  132. SWPC Starts the Construction of $680 Million Rabigh Independent Water Plant in Saudi Arabia
  133. RWE Completes Three Large Battery Energy Storage Projects in USA
  134. Avaada Group Starts the Construction of $3 Billion Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Project in Odisha
  135. BPCL and CIAL to Develop World's First Green Hydrogen Plant Within an Airport at Cochin, India
  136. Adani Green Starts Operations of the World's Largest Renewable Energy Park at Khavda, Gujarat
  137. Ireland Opens its Largest Battery Energy Storage at Dublin Energy Hub
  138. PM Modi Announces $9 Billion Surya Ghar Yojana to Promote Solar Rooftops
  139. Edged Energy Launches Four AI-Ready Data Centers Facility in the USA
  140. UPPCL Invites Bids For Procurement of 2 GW Grid-Connected Solar PV Power Projects in India
  141. Karnataka Floats Tender to Build 300 MW Solar Power Project at Pavagada
  142. L&T Secures $300 Million EPC Contract For the Development of Oil and Gas Facilities in Middle-East
  143. CATL, BYD, and Leading EV Manufacturers Form an Alliance in China for Solid-state Battery Commercialization
  144. Joint Venture Between Gensol and Matrix Gas Secures PLI Bid For 63 MW Green Hydrogen Electrolyser Plant
  145. Apraava Energy Secures Transmission Project in Madhya Pradesh
  146. Indian Energy Week 2024: ACME Group and IGX Joint Venture to Explore Green Hydrogen and Green Ammonia Projects
  147. Tower Semiconductor Plans to Develop $8 Billion Semiconductor Fabrication Plant in India
  148. OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman to Raise Around $7 Trillion to Build Semiconductor Factories
  149. MedOne Invests $ 270 Million to Develop Data Center Facilities in Israel
  150. AVAADA Energy Secures 1400 MW Solar Power Projects Across Different Regions in India
  151. BHEL Secures $662 Million Contract From Haryana Power Generation Corp. for the Development of a Thermal Power Plant
  152. Finish Utility Helen is Launching a 40 MW Battery Energy Storage Project in Finland
  153. Uniper to Develop Large-Scale Hydrogen Storage Capacities in Germany by 2030
  154. Welspun Enterprises Bags $500 Million Contract to Establish Water Treatment Plant in Mumbai
  155. Inox Wind Secures 1500 MW Wind Energy Order from CESC
  156. India Energy Week 2024: ONGC and NTPC Sign a Joint Venture Agreement to Develop Offshore Wind Projects
  157. Tamil Nadu Invites Bids for 420 MW Solar Power Projects Under KUSUM
  158. ACCIONA Energía to Establish 412 MWp Solar Power Plant in India
  159. Statkraft Inaugurates its Largest Wind Farm Outside of Europe in Brazil
  160. L&T Secures $600 Million Contract to Construct 12 Km Bridge in Assam
  161. STT GDC is Set to Invest $229 Million to Expand its Data Center Capacity in Tamil Nadu
  162. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Worley Awarded FEED Contract for UK’s First Carbon Capture Plant
  163. Blackstone is Planning to Buy Data Center Construction Firm Winthrop for $878 Million
  164. India Energy Week 2024: 'Energy Sector to Receive $67 Billion in the Next 5-6 Years' PM Modi Said
  165. Maire Tecnimont Awarded Front-End-Engineering Design for an Integrated Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Plant in Portugal
  166. Adani to Establish $1.2 Billion Copper Refinery in Gujarat
  167. Waaree Renewable Technologies Secures Solar Power Project Worth ₹547 Crore
  168. JSW Neo Energy Receives Letter of Award to Establish Green Hydrogen Production Facility
  169. Indian Government Invites Bids for the Development of 4 GW Off-shore Wind Energy Projects in Tamil Nadu
  170. Larsen and Toubro Secures $600 Million Contract for Hydrocarbon Business
  171. Tesla to Expand its Battery Production in Nevada with Equipment from China’s CATL
  172. SJVN Green Seeks Developers for 1.5 GW Wind-Solar Hybrid Project in India
  173. SK Hynix Plans to Build a $15 Billion Semiconductor Packaging Plant in Indiana
  174. Union Budget 2024–25: Allocation for Green Hydrogen Doubled
  175. Union Budget 2024-25: Government Allocates $832 Million for Semiconductor Development
  176. Union Budget 2024-25: Major Boost for Green Energy and EV
  177. Union Budget 2024-25: $133 Billion For Infrastructure Development
  178. Union Budget 2024-25: Major Boost For Infrastructure and Renewable Energy
  179. Tata Group, Texas Instruments Among the Bidders for $1 Billion Mohali Semiconductor Lab Modernization
  180. QatarEnergy Announces the Award of $6 Billion EPC Contract For OilField Expansion
  181. Eve Energy and Invest Kedah signed an MoU to Establish an Energy Storage Plant in Malaysia
  182. Morocco Collaborates with Nareva and GE Vernove for a Green Hydrogen Project
  183. NTPC Green Energy Signs a $9 Billion MoU with Maharashtra Government to Develop Green Hydrogen Projects
  184. Assam Power Distribution Company Issues Consultancy Tender for 1 GW Solar Project
  185. L&T Bags Mega EPC Contract to Develop Largest Solar Power Plant in the United Arab Emirates
  186. TSMC to Build a Second Semiconductor Plant in Japan With an Expected Investment of $13.5 Billion
  187. Maharashtra Government Signs Green Hydrogen MoUs Worth $33 Billion For Seven Projects
  188. THDC inaugurates India’s Largest Green Hydrogen Pilot based on PEM Fuel Cell
  189. Blackstone Plans to Build Data Centers Worth $25 Billion Across the Globe
  190. Amazon Web Services Gets Approval for its First Data Center Facility in Chile
  191. Amazon Web Services Will Invest $10 Billion to Build Two New Data Centers in Mississippi
  192. ReNew Plans to Invest $3 Billion to Develop a Green Hydrogen Project in Kerala, India
  193. Intel Opens Semiconductor Fabrication Plant in New Mexico
  194. New Jersey Approves Two Offshore Wind Projects Developed by Invenergy and TotalEnergies
  195. TotalEnergies Selects EPC Contractor for $1 Billion Marsa LNG Terminal Project
  196. GUVNL Issues Tender for 300 MW Wind Power Projects in Gujarat
  197. PowerHouse Plans to Build 800 MW Data Center Campus in Virginia
  198. SAEL Bags $1 Billion Funding for Renewable Energy Projects
  199. Técnicas Reunidas and Sinopec Secured $3.3 Billion EPC Contracts from Saudi Aramco
  200. CESC Plans to Acquire 50,000 Acres in Rajasthan and Gujarat to Develop Renewable Power Projects
  201. USDA Invests $207 Million in Rural Renewable Energy and Fertilizer Projects
  202. ADNOC to Allocate $23 Billion for Decarbonization Projects
  203. Joint Venture Between ACME and IHI to Invest $7 Billion in Odisha to Establish a Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Plant
  204. India's Chip Designing Prowess Boosted as Synopsys Opens Massive Semiconductor Design Center in Noida
  205. Odisha Government Approves JSW’s Proposal to Set Up 5 Billion EV Manufacturing Units
  206. NTPC Issues Tender for Solar Modules for 1200 MW Solar Power Project in Gujarat
  207. BYD Announces $1.3 Billion Investment to Build an EV Manufacturing Facility in Indonesia
  208. SECI Invites Bids for 1.5 GW ISTS-Connected Solar Power Projects
  209. Ørsted and Bloomberg Announce 15-Year Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement
  210. Amazon Web Services to Invest $15 Billion in Japan to Develop Cloud Computing Facilities
  211. NTPC Green Energy Invites EPC Bids for 200 MW Solar Power Projects
  212. CIP Joint Venture Commences Construction of 300 MW Onshore Wind Project in Karnataka
  213. GODI India Announces $1 Billion Lithium-Sodium Battery Giga-Factory in Telangana
  214. INOX Air Products Signs MoU with Maharashtra Government to Setup a $3 Billion Green Ammonia Plant
  215. Foxconn and HCL Partners to Build a Semiconductor Assembly and Testing Facility in India
  216. JSW Energy will Invest $1 Billion to Develop a 1500 MW Pumped Storage Project in Telangana
  217. Rail Vikas Nigam Limited and Jakson Green Form a Joint Venture to Develop Solar Power Projects
  218. AdaniConnex to Invest $600 Million to Setup a Data Center Facility in Telangana
  219. Semiconductor Design Firm Synopsys To Acquire Software Firm Ansys in a $35 Billion Deal
  220. Avaada Group to Invest $5 Billion to Develop 6 GW of Renewable Energy Projects in Gujarat
  221. Scottish Power Issues $6.82 Billion Tender to Upgrade and Develop Power Transmission Infrastructure
  222. Bharat Heavy Electricals Secures $2 Billion EPC Contract for Talabira Thermal Power Project
  223. Mitsubishi Plans to Develop the One of the World’s Largest Green Hydrogen Plant in the Netherlands
  224. South Korea Plans to Develop $470 Billion Semiconductor Cluster in Gyeonggi province
  225. Edged Energy Starts Operations at Barcelona Data Center Facility
  226. Mumbai Trans Harbor Link: India’s Longest Sea Bridge Inaugurated
  227. Powertech is Planning to Expand its Semiconductor Packaging Services in Japan
  228. Tata Power to Invest $8.7 Billion For 10,000 MW Renewable Energy Projects in Gujarat
  229. Squadron Energy Inks $1.85 Billion Wind Turbine Deal with GE Vernova
  230. ACWA Power Signs $1.5 Billion Wind Energy Deal with Egypt
  231. NTT Ltd. Opens Massive 52.8 MW Data Center Campus in Delhi NCR
  232. Apraava Energy Secures 250 MW Solar Power Project in Rajasthan From NHPC
  233. Nvidia to Partner With Leading Indian Companies to Set up AI Data Centers in India
  234. Welspun Plans to Invest $4.8 Billion in Gujarat for Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Projects
  235. Adani Group Will Invest $24 Billion in Gujarat for Various Projects: Gautam Adani
  236. Yotta G1 Data Center in Gujarat’s Gift City Commences its Operations
  237. THDC Publishes a Consultancy Tender for 1 GW Solar Park in Rajasthan
  238. Tata Group Set To Announce Semiconductor Fabrication Plant in Dholera, Gujarat
  239. DigitalBridge and Silver Lake to invest $6.4 billion into Vantage Data Centers
  240. CGG and C-Questra Sign a Joint Cooperation Agreement for CCUS
  241. NTPC Green Invites Bids for O&M Supervision of 225 MW Solar Power Project in UP,India
  242. TierPoint Acquires a Data Center Facility in Fort Worth, Texas
  243. IndiGrid Will Acquire ReNew’s 300 MW Solar Power Project in Rajasthan for $186.5 Million
  244. Amara Raja $1 Billion Giga Corridor Project Will Receive Support from Telangana Government
  245. EU Approves $987 Million Grant for Northvolts EV Battery Plant
  246. BYD Started Construction of new 30 GWH Sodium-Ion Battery Facility in China
  247. Fortis Energy to Set Up 2GW Renewable Energy Capacity Across Several Balkan Countries
  248. Statkraft Plans to Invest Up to $6.6 Billion in Hydro and Wind Projects
  249. ADNOC Invests Big in Carbon Capture Solutions: Acquires 10% Equity Stake in Storegga
  250. Joint Venture Between Reliance and Brookfield to Open a Data Center Facility in Chennai
  251. EdgeCore Secured $1.9 Billion Green Financing For Arizona Data Center Campus
  252. Adani Group Expands Reach: Data Center Facility Coming to Telangana, India
  253. Microchip Technology Secures $162 Million Grant to Bolster Semiconductor Production
  254. Petrofac Secures FEED for Netherlands Aramis CCS Project
  255. VinFast to Develop Global EV Battery Plant in Thoothukudi,Tamil Nadu
  256. Erisha E-Mobility Signs $828 Million MoU for the Development of Green Hydrogen and Mega EV Park in Gujarat
  257. Gujarat Inks Multiple Initial Investment Agreements For Various Projects Ahead of Vibrant Gujarat Summit
  258. N+One to Build a Data Center Facility in Casablanca, Morocco
  259. IndiGrid Bags $120 Million Inter-state Power Transmission Project
  260. Adani Data Center Joint Venture to Seek a $400 Million Loan to Fund Its Projects This Year
  261. Abu Dhabi National Energy Company TAQA to Invest $10 billion for the 6 GW Moroccan Green Hydrogen Project
  262. Microsoft Plans to Buy More than 200 Acres of Land in Ohio to Develop Data Center Facilities
  263. Power Grid Corporation Secures 20 GW Inter-State Power Transmission Project
  264. TSMC to Open Japan’s Most Advanced Semiconductor Production Facility in February
  265. Data Center Service Provider VNET Collaborates with Shandong Hi-Speed Holdings
  266. SECI Invites Bids For 1.5 GW Solar Energy Projects in India
  267. SJVN Gets Approval to Form Four Joint Ventures for 8 GW Hydro and Renewable Power Projects
  268. UP Government Offers 50 Acres of Land to Develop Data Centers in Noida-Yamuna Expressway
  269. Pattern Energy Closes $ 11 Billion Financing of Largest Clean Energy Infrastructure Project in US
  270. Masdar Plans to Develop 2GW Wind Farm and Battery Energy Storage Capacity in Uzbekistan
  271. Bloom Energy and SK Ecoplant Join Hands For a Major Green Hydrogen Demonstration Project
  272. L&T Secures Major EPC Contract to Establish Renewable Energy Infrastructure for the AMAALA Project
  273. Nvidia Invests in High-Bandwidth Memory: SK Hynix & Micron Secure Millions in Advance Payments
  274. Chile’s Susterra Plans to Develop $ 423 Million Green Hydrogen Project for Mining Industry
  275. Involta Acquires Data Center Facility to Develop a 20-MW Colocation Campus
  276. AGEL Finalized Power Purchase Agreement for Supplying 8 Gw of Solar Capacity with SECI
  277. Israel Grants Intel $3.2 Billion for its $25 Billion Semiconductor Plant Expansion
  278. Tower Semiconductors Resubmits Proposal for Developing a Semiconductor Fabrication Plant in India
  279. Australian Green Hydrogen Headstart: Six Projects Shortlisted for $1.35 Billion Subsidy
  280. Gujarat Breaks Ground for Digital Future with a New $30 Million CtrlS Data Center
  281. Penta Infra Strengthens European Footprint with Acquisition of a KPN Data Center Facility in Netherlands
  282. Intel Opens a New R&D Lab in a CtrlS Data Center, Bengaluru, India
  283. Samsung to Develop Semiconductor Packaging Research Facility in Japan
  284. UAE and Egypt Sign an MoU for Developing Data Center Facility Projects
  285. ONGC to spend $10 Billion on Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Projects by 2035
  286. Foxconn Submits Application to Develop Semiconductor Fabrication plant in India
  287. NTT and Tepco Power Grid Join Hands to Develop Data Centers in Tokyo, Japan
  288. ACWA Power Signs a Deal to Develop a $4 Billion Green Hydrogen Project in Egypt
  289. Scala Data Centers Commenced Operations of its Data Center Facility in Porto Alegre, Brazil
  290. Involta Powers Arizona's AI Boom with Tucson Data Center Expansion
  291. Penta Infra Starts Construction of 4.4 MW Edge Data Center in Hamburg, Germany
  292. Essar to Invest $6 Billion in Multiple Energy and Infrastructure Projects
  293. UK Allots $ 2.53 Billion of Subsidies for 11 Green Hydrogen Projects
  294. Adani Group Announces $100 Billion Green Energy Investment
  295. DC Blox to Build 216-MW Data Center Campus in Atlanta, Georgia
  296. Dutch Mega CO2 Capture Project L10CCS Moves to FEED Phase
  297. IPhone Manufacturer Foxconn to Invest an additional $1.7 billion in Karnataka
  298. Samsung and ASML Sign a Deal to Jointly Develop a $760 Million Semiconductor Plant in South Korea
  299. Masdar and Abu Dhabi Ports to Develop a Green Hydrogen Hub Within KEZAD, UAE
  300. John Cockerill Commences the Construction of the First Alkaline Electrolyser Giga-Factory in the US
  301. IBM and Micron to Collaborate for a Semiconductor R&D Center in New York, US
  302. China's State Power Investment Corporation Announces $5.85 Billion For Producing Fuel From Green Hydrogen
  303. Nvidia to Set Up a Center in Vietnam: Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang
  304. Trina Solar Commences the Construction of a 1.5 GW Green Hydrogen Electrolyser Gigafactory in Eastern China
  305. Tata Group Plans to Invest More Than $4 Billion to Construct a Semiconductor Manufacturing Unit in Assam, India
  306. A Joint Venture Between Nvidia and YTL Power to Develop Data Centers Worth Over $4.3 Billion in Malaysia
  307. Masdar and VERBUND Sign a Feasibility Study Agreement For a Green Hydrogen Project in Spain
  308. Micron Signs Labor Deal to Develop a $15 Billion Semiconductor Plant in the US
  309. Digital Realty and Blackstone Join Hands to Develop $7 Billion Hyper-Scale Data Center Campuses in the US and Europe
  310. Union Government and State Government of Gujarat Sign Trust Retention Agreement with Micron and ICICI Bank
  311. ACWA Power Signs Deal Worth More Than $1 Billion to Develop the Largest Green Hydrogen Project in Indonesia
  312. A Joint Venture Between Iberdrola and Masdar to Invest $16 Billion in Wind and Green Hydrogen Projects
  313. World’s First Super Green Hydrogen Plant to Be Constructed in Sharjah, UAE
  314. ASM International Will Invest $300 Million to Expand its Semiconductor R&D Operations in Arizona, US
  315. Masdar Signs a Joint Development Agreement for a 1 GW Wind and a Potential Green Hydrogen Plant in Jordan
  316. Oman and Netherlands Sign a Joint Study Agreement for Green Hydrogen Liquefaction and Export
  317. Novva Data Centers Acquires Land to Construct Data Center Facility in San Francisco, USA
  318. Nvidia to Build Multiple Semiconductor Plants with the Help of Startups to Enhance AI Ecosystem in Japan
  319. SSE Renewables and Equinor Plans to Develop Green Hydrogen Project for Dogger Bank D
  320. Axcelis Announces Grand Opening of the Company's New Logistics Center in Beverly, USA
  321. Major Indian Companies Bid for SECI's Tender to Set Up Green Hydrogen and Electrolyser Production Facilities
  322. EcoPro BM Signs a $34 Billion Contract to Supply NCA Cathode Materials to Samsung SDI for Five Years
  323. Kerala Plans to Invest Around $1.5 Billion for Its Green Hydrogen Valley and Green Transport Corridor
  324. Lhyfe Plans to Build 800 MW Green Hydrogen Project at Lubmin, Germany
  325. HCL Group Is Moving Closer to Setting Up $400 Million OSAT Facility in Karnataka, India
  326. Amkor Technology to Build Advanced Packaging and Testing Facility in Peoria, Arizona, US
  327. Adani Total Gas Limited Commences the Green Hydrogen Blending Pilot Project in Ahmedabad, India
  328. India Expects to Construct Three Semiconductor Fabrication Facilities with an Investment Value of $8–12 Billion: IT Minister
  329. ACWA Breaks Ground on Its First Green Hydrogen Project in Uzbekistan
  330. AMD Unveils Its Largest Global Design Center in Bengaluru, India
  331. China Deploys the World's First Commercial Undersea Data Center
  332. GreenGo Energy Will Develop a 60 GW Green Energy Park in Mauritania, Africa
  333. Jepri Group Signs an MoU to Develop $3.6 Billion Green Hydrogen Production Facility in Ceara State, Brazil
  334. Lhyfe Bagged the Call for Proposals for the Development of a Green Hydrogen Facility in Montoir-de-Bretagne, France
  335. Odisha Government Approves Multiple Green Hydrogen Projects with an Investment Value of $4 Billion
  336. Universal Success Will Invest $240 Million for a Data Center Facility in West Bengal, India
  337. Edged Energy will Build a $250 Million Data Center in New Albany, Ohio
  338. Samsung Engineering Kicked-Off Front-End Engineering Design for the Sarawak H2biscus Green Hydrogen Project, Malaysia
  339. Microsoft Plans to Invest $500 Million to Boost Digital Infrastructure in Quebec, Canada
  340. CG Power Plans to Build a $791 Million Semiconductor Assembly and Testing Facility in India
  341. Resonac Plans to Build a Semiconductor Back-End Process R&D Center in Silicon Valley, US
  342. Eneco Plans to Construct an 800 MW Green Hydrogen Complex at Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands
  343. TSMC Plans to Build a $20 Billion Microchip Plant with Cutting-Edge 3nm Tech in Kumamoto, Japan
  344. Skybox Is Planning to Construct a Massive 300 MW Build-To-Suit Data Center Campus in Dallas, Texas
  345. EU Promises to Invest $2 Billion for 10 GW Green Hydrogen Project in Piaui, Brazil
  346. Ceuta Autonomous City in Spain Broke Ground for Its First Data Center Facility
  347. US Unveils Vision for $3 Billion National Advanced Packaging Manufacturing Program to Bolster Semiconductor Industry
  348. Falcon Capital Dakhla and HDF Energy Collaboration to Work on 8 GW Green Hydrogen Project
  349. Fortescue to Develop an Advanced Manufacturing Center for Green Hydrogen and Electrolyzers Production in Michigan, USA
  350. Samsung Expands $17 Billion Semiconductor Fabrication Plant in Taylor, Texas
  351. TA Realty Signs a Deal to Lease 430 MW Data Center Campus to a Premium Cloud Service Provider
  352. Fibra Mediosa-Owned Titan Data Center Facility Inaugurated in Murcia, Spain
  353. ACS Group Will Build a Data Center Facility in Madrid, Spain
  354. DataBank Buys 85 Acres of Land for 192 MW Data Center Facility in Culpeper, Virginia
  355. SC Capital Partners Will Build Two $660 Million Data Center Facilities in Osaka, Japan
  356. Teraco Finishes Data Center Expansion Project in Durban, South Africa
  357. Cyrus One Finishes the Construction of a Data Center Facility in Madrid, Spain
  358. Schneider Electric and Compass Data Center Signs a $3 Billion Equipment Deal
  359. NetCologne Breaks Ground for a Sustainable Datacenter Facility in Lovenich, Germany
  360. A Joint Venture Between Digital Realty and Realty Income Will Develop Data Centers in Northern Virginia
  361. Microsoft Plans to Purchase Additional 1,030 acres for Mount Pleasant Data Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  362. Digital Edge Bags Its First-Ever Green Loan to Finance South Korea’s Largest Data Center Facility
  363. STT GDC Will Construct Its Second Data Centre Facility in Malaysia's Johor District
  364. Leighton Asia and First Balfour to Jointly Build Phase 1 of the STT Fairview 1 Data Center in the Philippines
  365. Japan Prepares to Provide $13 Billion Subsidies to Support Country’s Semiconductor Manufacturing Sector
  366. SemiUS and the Department of Commerce Reached an Agreement to Operate the National Semiconductor Technology Center
  367. Nexperia to Sell UK Semiconductor Wafer Plant to Vishay Technology for $177 Million
  368. ACM Research to Start Semiconductor Wafer Fab Processing Solutions in Oregon Facility
  369. Micron’s $2.75 Billion Investment in Gujarat Will Make India a Global Hub for Semiconductor Manufacturing Hub
  370. Micron Will Set Up Production Bases in Taiwan and Japan to Make Advanced Memory Semiconductor Chips
  371. Texas Instruments Breaks Ground for a Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Plant in Utah
  372. Odisha Signs MoU's with Three Entities to Boost Semiconductor Fabrication
  373. Egypt to Dominate Green Hydrogen Sector with an Expected Investment of $83 Billlion
  374. OX2 and Nordkalk to Use Power from Offshore Wind Projects to Produce Green Hydrogen for E-Fuels
  375. REMC Invite Bids for 750 MW Renewable Solar Power Projects
  376. Netherlands Commences the Construction of $1.6 Billion National Hydrogen Network
  377. Butendiek Offshore Wind Farm signs a PPA for Hydrogen Production
  378. Deendayal Port Authority Invites Bids for Land Allotment for the Green Hydrogen Project
  379. Gentari and GIC Will Invest Up to 2 Billion in an Indian Firm to Bolster Green Hydrogen Production
  380. Adani New Industries Planning to Raise $4 Billion to Finance Green Hydrogen Projects
  381. French Energy Company Engie Will Invest ₹ 3500 Cr in Renewable Energy Projects in India
  382. Mingyang Smart Energy to Construct Hydrogen-Based Methanol Plants in China's Inner Mongolia
  383. American Battery Factory Breaks Ground for Its Giga Factory in Tucson, Arizona
  384. REMC Invite Bids for 750 MW Renewable Power Solar Power Projects
  385. ACCIONA Energia Signs 380 MW Renewable PPA with Stanwell Corporation for Aldoga solar farm
  386. John Cockerill Plans to Boost Houston's H2hub Initiative by Opening a 1 GW Electrolyser Factory
  387. Brazil’s Petrobras and Bolivian YPFB Planning to Invest $2.5 Billion in Urea Plant
  388. IOCL Offers Contracts to Linde for Industrial Gas Supply to the Panipat Refinery
  389. 2.2 GW Neom Green Hydrogen Project Will Start Using One of Its Test Electrolyzers
  390. SECI Invites Tender For 2 GW Of ISTS Connected Wind Solar Hybrid Projects
  391. Rajasthan and J&K State Discoms to Buy Power from SJVN's Upcoming Solar Plant in Bikaner
  392. Equinor Commences Production In Breidablikk Oil Field Four Months Ahead of Schedule
  393. Chevron to Acquire Hess Corp for $53 Billion in All-Stock Deal
  394. Indian Railways Plans to Connect 8 Ports In West Cost with $52 Bn for IMEEC Corridor
  395. A Consortium Of GE Vernova Has Announced Commercial Operations Of The 1.8 GW Gas Hamriyah Power Plant
  396. Total Energies' Largest Offshore Wind Farm Sea Green Becomes Operational
  397. Iberdrola Installs First Turbine in 800 MW Vineyard 1 Offshore Wind Farm
  398. India Approves $2.5 Billion Green Energy Corridor in Ladakh
  399. CINEA And RB Rail Signed € 928 Million Agreement For Rail Baltica Project
  400. Exxon Mobil Plans to Reach FID On the Whiptail Offshore Project By 2024
  401. US To Fund $3.5 Billion to Boost America’s Electric Grid System
  402. ADNOC Gas Signs $700 Million LNG Supply Deal With Japan’s Jera Global Markets
  403. NTPC Invites Bids For Land And Transmission Packages For 2 GW Of Solar Projects
  404. Australia Opens Expression Of Interest For its $ 2 Billion Hydrogen Headstart Program
  405. NTPC Aims To Invest $1 Billion In Renewable Energy Sector
  406. US Announces $7 Billion Funding For Hydrogen Hubs
  407. SECI Invites RFS for 1 GW of Solar Projects Across India
  408. Dogger Bank Phase 1 Starts Power Production
  409. Envision Bags a 653.4 MW Wind Energy Project from JSW Energy
  410. Reliance Showcases Swappable Multipurpose Batteries For EVs
  411. Railways and NHAI To Boost Vadhavan Port Connectivity With A $600 Million Rail/Road Project
  412. ACWA Power Achieves Financial Closure For Ten Projects Worth Over $ 14 Billion In 12 Months
  413. Saint Gobain To Invest $ 400 Million In Tamil Nadu
  414. Adani Group Plans to Add 10 GW to Its Solar Portfolio
  415. ADNOC Awards $16.94 billion EPC Contracts for Hail and Ghasha Mega Project
  416. NLC India Ltd secures 810 MW Solar power Project in Rajasthan
  417. ExxonMobil Is in Negotiations to Acquire Pioneer Natural Resources for $60 Billion
  418. IIFCL Sanctions Loans Worth Over $1 Billion for Airport Infrastructure and Other Aviation Projects
  419. PFC and REC Ltd to Provide Over USD 1.6 Billion Loan for New HRRL Refinery Cum Petrochemical Complex in Rajasthan
  420. Government of India Proposes Grid Battery Subsidy Scheme Worth USD 2.63 Billion
  421. Saudi Aramco and TotalEnergy Reached USD 11 Billion FID for the New Amiral Complex at Jubail, Saudi Arabia
  422. Tesla Officially Announced A New Factory in Nuevo León, Mexico
  423. The Philippines Government Has Awarded EUR 480 Million Railway Contract to ACCIONA
  424. Danish Government Plans to Issue Public Tenders for 9 GW of New Offshore Wind Projects in 2023
  425. Construction of the World's Largest Green Hydrogen Plant in Inner Mongolia Starts
  426. Texas Instruments Inc announces USD 11 Billion investment in its Utaha Chip Manufacturing Facility
  427. Saudi Arabia to Build World's Largest Modern Downtown in Riyadh
  428. MSEDCL Invite Tenders to Buy 500 MW of Solar Power
  429. Floating Energy Allyance Appoints Ocean Infinity to Survey Seabed Data of Buchan Offshore Floating Wind Farm
  430. Afcons and L&T Bid for 21km Underground Tunnel for India's First Bullet Train Project
  431. Ovingham Level Crossing Removal Project in South Australia Is Open to Public
  432. USA to Build 500000 New EV Charging Stations by 2030
  433. NHAI Invites EPC Tender for Kanpur City Ring Road
  434. First Phase of Delhi-Mumbai Expressway to Reduce Travel Time Between Delhi and Jaipur to 2 Hours
  435. Tunneling Contracts Worth EUR 921.4 million for Line C Metro Project in Toulouse Awarded
  436. Dilip Buildcon & Rajpath Infracon to Construct Package 1-4 of USD 2,304 million for Bengaluru – Vijayawada Economic Corridor
  437. Goa Invites Second Round of Bids for E-Auction of Five Iron Ore Mining Lease in the State
  438. Nigerian government prepares for the concession of 12 highways
  439. East Texas to get a new USD 1.7 billion biorefinery
  440. EGA plans to develop the UAE's first and largest aluminum recycling factory
  441. Meta plans to invest USD 800 million in a data center in Kuna
  442. Carmarthenshire Council proposes £300 million plan to create 2,200 affordable houses across the county
  443. The United Kingdom and Scotland plan to build two new green freeports in Scotland
  444. Kibo Energy to construct and operate a waste-to-energy plant in South Africa
  445. Yale University plans to construct net-zero building for Physical Science and Engineering
  446. Plans for £200 million business park on the south side of Teesside Airport disclosed
  447. Norfolk Crush plans $375 million soybean plant in Nebraska
  448. Thailand intends to construct the Kanchanaburi-Yangbai motorway as part of whopping USD 44.8 billion budget
  449. JERA and West HD to establish solar alliance with a capacity of over 1 GW in Japan
  450. Group led by CIP to construct the first phase of a 2-GW green Hydrogen project in Spain
  451. Germany's wpd offshore helps to promote the development of offshore wind energy in Romania
  452. Siemens Gamesa to supply 176 wind turbines to Dominion Energy for the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Project (CVOW)
  453. MingYang to provide 11-MW turbines for 1 GW offshore wind project in China
  454. Maoneng receives approval for a 240 MWp/480 MWh BESS in Victoria
  455. Oman opens the Ibri II solar farm with a capacity of 500 megawatts
  456. GRE and Apex reach an offtake agreement for 400-MW wind project in North Dakota
  457. New York City plans whopping USD 1 billion for expansion of its broadband network
  458. Uzbekistan published a RfQ as part of a tender for a solar project with a capacity of up to 300 MW
  459. New York to spend USD 500 million on offshore wind infrastructure
  460. Silicon Ranch raises USD 775 million in equity funding to grow
  461. Construction of automated tank bay at Odfjell Terminal Houston to begin
  462. TotalEnergies to construct an LNG facility in Oman
  463. Japan has chosen the winners of a tender for 1.7 GW of offshore wind energy
  464. Aker BP and Lundin set to merge
  465. Greenspot seeks permission for a 500 MW/1,000 MWh battery in New South Wales
  466. Rubis to acquire 80 percent of French solar developer Photosol
  467. Powertis and Aquila to co-develop 421 MW of PV and 90 MW of storage in Italy
  468. Octopus has completed the purchase of 71.4-MW package of Finnish wind projects
  469. TransAlta to proceed with 300-MW wind project in the United States following an offtake agreement
  470. The winning bids for the Massachusetts offshore wind RfP totaled 1.6 GW
  471. RWE and Linde collaborate to construct 200-MW electrolyzer facility in Germany
  472. Tractebel along with partner companies unveils world’s first offshore hydrogen storage concept
  473. Selkirk to get new solar glass production facility the first of its kind in North America
  474. Masdar and Taaleri launch a 51-MW onshore wind trio in Poland
  475. RWE receives environmental permit for a 350-MW wind farm in Polish seas
  476. Mitsubishi to employ 45 megawatts of solar energy to power Lawson stores in Japan
  477. Statkraft and cement company Opterra have agreed to 30-GWh/yr wind PPA
  478. Ireland's NTR and Microsoft sign an 86-MW wind PPA in Sweden
  479. UK begins round 4 of 12-GW auction under CfD auction scheme
  480. China's largest oil company betting on green hydrogen with a solar-powered factory in Xinjiang
  481. Alinta Energy examines feasibility of 1-GW wind farm in Australian waters
  482. Emirates Steel expected to play significant role in the Middle East iron and steel exhibition
  483. Con Edison proposes a 2.4-gigawatt offshore grid link to New Jersey
  484. Woodside Energy will invest USD 5 billion in new low-carbon energy projects
  485. EUR 40 billion Tel Aviv Metro to be led by Egis
  486. The concept for Moscow's
  487. South Korea aims to host world's first floating city by 2025
  488. NASA intends to build a nuclear power plant on the moon by 2030
  489. Bahrain unveils a USD 30 billion infrastructure plan
  490. SOHAR to concentrate on projects including plastic, food, and renewable energy
  491. USD 100 billion initiative to boost Abu Dhabi's manufacturing status
  492. Saudi Arabia announces bizarre idea to construct an eight-sided floating city
  493. Build Back Better Act passed by the US House of Representatives, bringing storage ITC closer
  494. The build-operate model has been chosen for massive waterway project Kanal Istanbul
  495. To counteract China, EU to draw USD 46 billion infrastructure plan
  496. ADNOC awards $1.46 billion in EPC contracts for the development of the Dalma gas field
  497. Bidders for Phase 2a section contract shortlisted by HS2
  498. The Saudi Crown Prince plans to construct an emissions-free industrial hub that will float on the water
  499. Riyadh Mall receives a USD 1.76 billion main contract from SHC
  500. Huge infrastructure budget proposed by Biden is a 'great opportunity' for Turkish builders
  501. In a public tender in Colombia, Canadian Solar won 52 MWp solar project
  502. SJVN secures a grid-connected solar PV power project with a capacity of 100 MW
  503. Morgan Sindall’s GBP 1.1bn Sellafield contract extended
  504. India shocks COP26 climate meeting by announcing a net-zero emissions target for 2070
  505. Network Rail has launched a GBP 5.3 billion tender for southern works
  506. AES and the Chilean government announce a USD 400 million battery storage deal at COP26
  507. Ørsted receives approval for 900-MW Borkum Riffgrund 3 wind farm in Sweden
  508. Oregon utility aims for a 2GW clean energy initiative
  509. Oregon utility aims for a 2GW clean energy initiative
  510. Air Products to construct a blue hydrogen plant and a carbon capture and storage system in Louisiana
  511. The first offshore wind farm in Lithuania could include 16 MW turbines.
  512. Texas Legislature has approved a USD 3.3 billion bonding bill for university construction projects
  513. Texas Legislature has approved a USD 3.3 billion bonding bill for university construction projects
  514. Turkish Petroleum awards EPCI contract for Sakarya gas field
  515. Turbine components dropped into sea at Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm
  516. The EDPR intends to expand onshore wind and solar power in the United Kingdom
  517. The EDPR intends to expand onshore wind and solar power in the United Kingdom
  518. As the next offshore wind tender approaches New York announces a USD-86 million supply chain deal
  519. Dow selects Alberta for a projected net-zero-emissions ethylene complex
  520. Lockyer Deep-1 gas discovery outperforms pre-drill predictions
  521. The USD 1.8 billion Intuit Dome is the new home of the Los Angeles Clippers
  522. New limits are being considered by Kansas counties ahead of a large solar project
  523. Reliance New Energy purchases REC Solar Holdings for USD 771 million
  524. Toyota signs a VPPA for 80-MW Clearway solar project in Mississippi.
  525. Lithuania's First Offshore Wind Farm Could Include 16 MW Turbines
  526. INEOS is considering a EUR 2 billion hydrogen drive
  527. The United Kingdom aims to be a fossil-free energy producer by 2035
  528. A Russian refinery has approved a contract for a community-based delayed coking facility
  529. The Australian government has increased funding for hydrogen hubs by USD 110 million
  530. Oil majors queue up in Scotland to construct offshore wind projects
  531. Risk aversion and dollar strength cause oil to decline 2%
  532. In Aanekoski, Metsa Group plans to invest EUR 200 million in the development of a Kerto LVL mill
  533. Edify receives approval for a 1 GW green H2 project in Australia
  534. A judge in North Dakota has upheld legislation that restricts the recovery of old oil and gas royalties
  535. Bitcoin mining is expected to account for 0.9 percent of world CO2 emissions by 2030
  536. The Adani Group plans a $20 billion investment in renewable energy
  537. A project developed by MIT has made significant progress toward fusion energy
  538. Oman announces investment projects totaling RO 2.8 billion
  539. Serbia to rake $7.7 billion to upgrade its rail infrastructure
  540. I-80 Gold enters into a deal with NGM to build a mining complex in Nevada
  541. Biden administration hopes to use solar energy to generate half of electricity supply by 2050
  542. BHP inks a collaborative agreement with KoBold, a billionaire-backed AI explorer
  543. Proposal for a $400 billion new city in the American desert announced
  544. The Mantis Brand to be Launched in Bahrain by Accor and Edmah
  545. The State of Victoria has Announced a 600-MW Renewable Energy Tender
  546. Chevron Awards Contract for Jansz-Lo Compression Engineering
  547. Egypt Invests LE 3.4 Billion in the New Beni Suef
  548. Canacol to Construct a New Gas Pipeline in Colombia
  549. Malaysian Utility has Agreed to Buy Power From Solar Projects With a Capacity of 500 Megawatts
  550. Madayn is Planning to Build a New Shipyard and Township for Workers
  551. A Mothballed Wyoming Refinery Is Set To Revive As A Renewable Energy Plant
  552. Queensland, Australia Turns To Coal and LNG for Hydrogen
  553. Nuclear Scientists Applaud the United States' Fusion Achievement
  554. Jacobs has Been Chosen for a Nuclear Contract In South Africa
  555. The UK Government has Announced a Low-Carbon Hydrogen Production Strategy.
  556. Caltech Prepared to Test Space-Based Solar Power
  557. Rio Grande Do Norte Inks Deal With Enterprize Energy to Construct Offshore Wind, Green Ammonia and Green Hydrogen Projects
  558. US Senate Passes USD 1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill
  559. Willmott Dixon to Build New Apartments and Houses as Part of Queens Renovation Drive
  560. The Somerset Data Center has Been Approved
  561. The PKN ORLEN Refinery in Plock has Awarded a Contract for a Projected New Plant
  562. Aramco sets Bid Submission Deadline to December 5, 2021 After Cancellation Of Initial Tender
  563. Balfour Beatty has Been Awarded Several New Contracts Worth a Total of USD 449 Million in the United States
  564. Reliance Joins Bill Gates and Others in a $144 Million Investment in Ambri Inc, a US Energy Storage Firm
  565. Hydrogen Europe And The EIB Sign An Advisory Agreement
  566. Duva Startup Gets Go Ahead
  567. Nigerian Allies Russia, Plans To Integrate Nuclear Power Into Its National Grid
  568. DOE Announces $42.3 Million in Decarbonization Funding For American Manufacturing and New Industry Partnerships
  569. By 2025, China Plans To Install More Than 30 GW Of New Energy Storage Capacity
  570. The ‘Software-Controlled Battery Experiment' By A French Grid Operator Has Begun
  571. RWE Constructs 117MW Of Battery Systems That Are Used In Conjunction With Run-Of-River Hydropower
  572. DataBank Purchases A Building And Land In Denver For Its Fifth Data Center
  573. Telemundo A Division Of NBC Universal Will Build A New USD 250 Million Headquarters In Florida
  574. Saudi Water Company Has Signed Contracts Worth USD 800 Million To Expand Its Services To 6 Million People
  575. JFE Will Invest $363 Million In New Offshore Wind Monopile Plants.
  576. Spain’s Greenalia Purchases A 670-MWp Texas Solar Plant, Says Its Expanding Into America
  577. Empire Energy Receives The First Beetaloo Basin Finance Allocation From The Australian Government
  578. Neptune Energy Applauds The Approval Of A subsidy For An Offshore Green Hydrogen Pilot Project
  579. Pilot Energy Farms Out Leschenault Prospect Drilling
  580. Trudeau Announces A $25 Million Investment In A GE Wind Turbine Installation In The Gaspe Peninsula
  581. Petro Rio Has Awarded A Contract For The Regeneration Of Frade And The Development Of Wahoo
  582. Iran Intends To Construct 13 Power Plants During The Next Three Years
  583. Petro Rio Has Awarded A Contract For The Regeneration Of Frade And The Development Of Wahoo
  584. Equinor Receives Approval To Start Troll Phase 3.
  585. EDF, Shell To Build "One Of The Most Powerful" Windfarms.
  586. Oman On Track To Become The World Leader In Green Hydrogen And Green Ammonia Owing To A Massive Green Fuels Project.
  587. Bidding Commences For Exhibition Station Project Work.
  588. The King Salman Park Substations And Cables Project Has Been Put Out To Tender By The SEC.
  589. GE Renewable Energy Signs Turbine Supply Contract for Wind Project in Illinois
  590. Extremadura Solar Complex, One Of The World’s Biggest Solar Power Plants
  591. WEC Energy To Purchase A 465MW Solar And Battery Storage Project In The United States
  592. GRAHAM secures GBP 100 Million Build-To-Rent Project On The Banks Of The River Clyde In Glasgow
  593. Wesdome Makes The Decision To Reopen The Kiena Gold Mine
  594. Renovation of EUR 40 million of Walsall Manor A&E to commence soon
  595. The First Solar-Hydro Plant in the World for Longer-Term Energy Storage To Be Built In Victoria.
  596. 49-Storey Octagon residential tower by Argent has obtained planning approval in the United Kingdom.
  597. Stad Ship Tunnel, The Worlds First full-scale ship tunnel To Start Construction In Norway
  598. The Naval Facilities Engineering Command Of The United States Navy Has Chosen Stantec To Provide Support For A Massive Waterfront Project.
  599. BlueFloat Energy Intends To Construct A Floating Wind Farm In Spain With A capacity Of 1 GW
  600. Saudi Arabia's Mansourah-Massarah Gold Project
  601. The Mall Of Saudi Arabia To Be Inaugurated In Q4 By Majid Al Futtaim Of Dubai
  602. Biomerics Expands Its Operations in Costa Rica
  603. Lithuania Has Chosen The Location For A 700 MW Offshore Wind Farm
  604. Oman Calls For Bids For A BOOT Model Solar PV And Biomethane Power Plant
  605. Banverde Acquires Funds To Purchase 80 MW Of Rooftop Solar Projects In Mexico
  606. Voyager Station The First Hotel In Space
  607. Equinor part of a consortium for a wind farm in Norwegian Sea
  608. ADNOC to construct a blue ammonia facility in the UAE
  609. Gransolar To Produce Hydrogen From Seawater In Southern Spain
  610. Oman Plans USD 30 Billion, 25-Gigawatt Green Hydrogen Plant
  611. ERG Signs "Most Extensive" Power Purchase Agreement With TIM In Italy
  612. 500 MW of Floating Solar to be Tendered by Portugal in Sep 2021
  613. Biden Administration Grants Approval To First Offshore Utility Scale Wind Farm
  614. AWCA Power Obtains Funds For 100-MW CSP Park In South Africa
  615. Atlas Obtains funding From DnB, IDB For 359-MWp Solar Project In Brazil
  616. Australia Fast Tracks Gigantic Solar Plus Battery Project To Transport Power To Singapore
  617. EDF Buys 280MW Wind Farm In Queensland Australia
  618. Worlds Largest Hydrogen Plant In China Initiates Operations
  619. Sunseap Secures Funding To Expand In Japan
  620. Chinese Duo To Finance And Develop 1.1 GW Solar Plant In Brazil
  621. CS Energy starts Construction On 216 MW Solar Portfolio In New York
  622. Verbund Teams Up With Visiolar To Develop 2 GW Of Solar PV In Germany
  623. Australian Government Commits AUD 275.5 Million For Hydrogen Hubs
  624. Joe Biden Takes Pledge To Half US Greenhouse Emissions By 2030
  625. EBRD And Partners To Fund 200-MW Solar Plant In Egypt
  626. Retired Coal-Fired Plant In New Mexico To Be Reborn As Hydrogen-Fired Power Facility
  627. Blue Elephant Energy to develop 500MWp of solar in Germany In Collaboration With Partner UKA
  628. Australis Energy Seeks Approval For 300-MW wind farm in Aussie waters
  629. Japan To Dump Radioactive Water In The Pacific Ocean
  630. OVO Energy Signs PPA with Orsted for 90MW Barrow Wind Farm
  631. Construction On Rock Cavern Hydrogen Storage Facility begins By Vattenfall-Led Team
  632. UK Intends To Deliver 9 Passenger Hydrogen Plane By 2022
  633. Tokyo Facility Which Converts Sewage Into Hydrogen Completes Construction
  634. Australian state gives Neoen nod for 350MW solar plus storage project
  635. Simply Blue Energy And Subsea 7 Join Forces To Develop Floating Wind Farm
  636. Chinese Firm Told To Resolve Issues Before Moving Forward With Reactor At Bradwell
  637. Iraq Plans To Produce 10-GW Of Solar Projects Over 10 Years
  638. U.K. Startup Britishvolt To Build First Gigafactory In The Country
  639. Siemens Energy Partners With Intermountain For Hydrogen Energy Storage Study
  640. Construction Of 448-MW Wind Park Off France Co-Financed By EIB
  641. South African Department of Mineral Resources and Energy floats tender for 2.6 GW of solar and wind projects in South Africa
  642. Polish Coal Power Provider ZE PAK Secures Loan For 70 MW Solar Farm
  643. NIPSCO Enters Agreement with Invenergy For New 250 MW Solar Park
  644. Neste Chooses Rotterdam To Build Renewable Products Refinery
  645. Solar Philippines Plans 2 GWp Solar Park with 6 GWp of Energy Storage and a 600-MW Diesel Backup
  646. Germany Initiates 958 MW Offshore Wind Tender
  647. Foundation Laid for World’s Largest Hybrid Renewable Energy Park with 30 GW Capacity in Gujarat
  648. Italy's Eni S.p.A. to purchase 20% stake in World Largest Offshore Wind Farm
  649. Ørsted to build 1600 MW offshore wind farm in South Korea
  650. Invenergy plans to build a massive 1,310 MW Solar Project in Texas
  651. Danish Government Released an EOI for Thor Offshore Wind Farm
  652. Swancor to Develop 4.4 GW Formosa-4 Offshore Wind Farm in Taiwan
  653. Indian government‘s plan to disinvest BPCL
  654. Five Indian PSUs join International Solar Alliance (ISA)’s Coalition for Sustainable Climate Action (ISA-CSCA) as Corporate Partners.
  655. Why Indian Consumers are not able to enjoy the Low global crude prices
  656. Twin Tropical Storms Marco and Laura in the Gulf of Mexico
  657. Turkey announces historic Black Sea natural gas find
  658. Crown Estate Scotland launches ScotWind seabed leasing round for offshore wind
  659. Masdar and Uzbekistan Government to develop landmark 500 MW wind project
  660. Adani Green Energy wins the World’s largest solar award
  661. Sixth Mekong River dam project in Laos moves ahead
  662. Sweden approves construction permit for EUR 280 million pipeline project from GAZ-SYSTEM
  663. Largest Solar Project in U.S. History just got Approved
  664. Gujarat state extends bidding deadline for 700 MW of Solar Projects in Dholera Solar Park
  665. NKT GmbH & Co KG and Prysmian PowerLink secure EUR 500 million cable contract
  666. Saipem bags EUR 280 Million Pipeline Project from GAZ-SYSTEM
  667. Foresight Group has completed the acquisition of Sweden’s Skaftasen wind project
  668. France Shoot Up its Offshore Wind Energy target to 8.75 GW
  669. Spain’s Endesa Seeking Approval for the First Phase of 1.7 GW of Renewable Energy Deployment
  670. Three Tidal Tech Developers Signed Up For Morlais Project
  671. Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Energy released EOI for its 100 MW Wind Project
  672. Massive 600 MW Energy Storage Set to Open in Australia
  673. Repsol to add 860MW more to Spain’s Renewable Energy
  674. ACWA Power signed three agreements with the Ministry of Energy, Uzbekistan worth USD 2.5 billion
  675. The government of Queensland gives “Go-Ahead” for the development of the Largest Wind Farm in the Southern Hemisphere
  676. The new strategy of oil majors – From oil to renewables
  677. Exelon is exploring nuclear power plant hydrogen production